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Family & Personal Violence Prevention & Support

The Support Worker works with you to plan and discover your options, helps to develop a clients fullest potential and personal safety. We are a listening ear in a time of need. We offer information, referrals, crisis assistance and response, assistance to a safe place or shelter, accompaniment to legal, medical and financial appointments, court support and preparation. As well as advocacy through individual or group support sessions.

People may remain on a first name basis if they wish to receive services, with the exception of any sheltering or transporting services.

Family Support Program

The Family Support Program provides intensive, in home support in a respectful, non-threatening manner. The Family Support Program is a service in which trained personnel (Family Support Workers) enter homes on a regular basis to help parents develop healthy development of families and their children by achieving the following goals:

~To ensure the safety of children ~To maintain the family whenever safe and possible ~To ensure the healthy unification of children with their families whenever safe and possible. (Support services focus on Parenting, Daily Living Skills, Personal Wellness, Social and Community Resources)

Our services are contracted through the Ministry of Social Services.

Dare to Care Food Bank

The Family & Support Centre houses the Dare to Care Food Bank. This program is run solely on donations from the community and provincial grants. We are equipped for non-perishables as well we accept monetary donations.

Any individual who is in need of the Food Bank can come directly to the centre and fill out an application form . All individuals applying for food must supply us with their health card every time they come for a food hamper.

Ladies Group

This program is designed to have women in the community to come and interact with other women while doing Stampin' Up projects. This program allows women to socialize in a gender focused environment. We encourage all ages to attend to make it a diverse group. This program is funded through fundraising and a small fee per session.

Collective Kitchens

This program is designed to help families and individuals enhance their cooking skills and nutritional knowledge as well as money management, problem solving skills and a chance to interact with individuals. There is no cost to the individual to attend this class. All genders are welcome. This program is contracted with the Ministry of Education. All referrals come from the community.

Angels Anonymous & TIPS

These two programs are designed to help financially challenged families in the community. Angels Anonymous is run at Christmas. This is a program where we collect new toys, wrap and distribute them to families in the community. The TIPS grant is a program run in the spring where we give families in the community family swimming passes to the local swimming pool.

All the names for these programs are collected from other community agencies as well as from our own files at the Family & Support Centre.

Community Awareness , Education & Resources

The staff is available to provide education and awareness to groups or individuals as needed.

We are currently upgrading our Resource room and upon completion it will be available for use by any person, agency or client who finds the material of benefit to them. We will have many topics of pamphlets as well as fact sheets and videos available for use.

The Experience (Girls Group)

Girls Group is for girls Grade 7-9 in partnership with the School Division. "The Experience" is a safe, violence free environment for young teens in grade 7-9 to come out and interact with other teens once a month. The program is a girls-only program that combines group discussions and direct interaction as well as social and recreational activities. Sessions are based on the girls interests and trending topics that challenge teens daily. We encourage the girls to take ownership of the program to keep them engaged and interested.  

Picnic In The Park 

Our mission with this program is to help alleviate the cost of feeding a family during the summer months. We also wanted to ensure that summertime is for for all kids. Throughout the summer families have the opportunity to partake in games, physical activities, enrichment lessons as well as forming new friendships with other participants. In our summer 2017 pilot year we held 9 picnics and served almost 400 meals at local playgrounds, the acquatic centre and the regional park.  


24 Hour Crisis Line

In October 2008 the local 24 Hour Crisis Line became a regional (Northeast) line operated out of Melfort, Saskatchewan. We encourage individuals to continue to utilize this service.






















































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